Project VisualSwing

To Facilitate and speed GUI development involving java swing. How many times have you been feeling frustrated after spending hours and hours trying to choose the right LayoutManager and making it to work the way you want it to be. How many times have you been banging your head on your computer and groan"damn it, I just want to place this simple button at this position I want in this JFrame, is that so hard??" Javax.swing library has provided us lots of greater LayoutManager and gui components to build a great gui for your application, however, the numerous LayoutManagers and configurations have posed a challege for developers who are not so familiar with Java swing and LayoutManager. Developers One of the purpose of this goal is to completely making the process of java GUI development visual similar to that of visual basic so that the developers can focus more on developing logic aspect of their projects.

Current Status:
Planning and designing. Contact the Project Administrator if you want to participate.

Download: There is a demo Applet available, click here to view it.

This is a snap shot of what it looks like so far. Go to VisualSwing@sourceforge to download the source&executables.